Listen: Design or fine art?

October 1, 2022 from 5:00 pm to 5:45 pm

What is AI generative art? How many AI tools do we have and what for? The Learning and Experimenting Process. How can we combine it with traditional art? Defining your unique style. How can you combine it with other editing tools? My experience so far.

Ender Diril is 1/1 artist from Turkey. His career, which began as a digital artist in 2002, continued as a creative director and team leader in a number of agencies during his career. As a UX/UI Lead Designer since 2010, he managed the branding and development processes of important projects, but at the same time, he says never let go of his passion, which is digital art! He continued to participate in physical exhibitions as an artist during His journey.
Eight months ago, he entered the NFT community in an effort to reach collectors with his work. He has been a big fan of fantasy and science fiction movies since he was a kid, and at that point he watched a lot of movies and read books that triggered his imagination. He embarked on with the desire to explore beyond the visible, each work is a portal to different worlds for him. He can summarize his work as follows: just a mental journey through space and time with a sci-fi/fantasy art bent.
He does believe, as an artist, you should leave your comfort zone if you want to bring something fresh to you and your spirit. That is why he started to work with a different A.I. tools and combined them with his photobashing skills. In fact, He produce these works in order to bring meaningful awareness to the viewer by thinning the line between his imagination and the real world. That is why he keeps creating to make this line thinner for anyone who is searching for a new reality.