Listen: Election monitoring and electoral geography

October 1, 2022 from 11:00 am to 11:45 am

Ayşenur Kılıç will present her research on election monitoring organizations in the scope of Turkey’s electoral geography. Media consumption behaviors, trust in democracy, trust in electoral integrity, and patterns of Turkey’s electoral geography are among the titles she will talk about. She will also share the field experience and structural limitations of conducting research in hybrid regimes. This interactive event aims at the exchange of ideas and experiences among various actors from different backgrounds such as academics, civil society organization members, policymakers, and journalists. Here comes the puzzle to solve for the audience: Where do the cats stand in electoral integrity in Turkey?

Ayşenur Kılıç, is a political scientist and an academic. She earned her doctoral degree from Bilkent University, Turkey. Her research interests range from political communication, democratization, election monitoring, state and nation-building processes, Turkish political life and thought. She teaches courses on media and politics, culture, crime, comparative media systems, democracy and citizenship, and Turkish political thought. She has articles published in the Journal of Computer-mediated Communication, and Routledge. She currently works as an assistant professor at Social Sciences University of Ankara.