Listen: Storifying and Visualising Data pt.1

October 1, 2022 from 10:00 am to 10:45 am

Drawing from my mobile storytelling platform, “Instadoclab” which is an Instagram account that publishes one-minute lenght mobile-mentaries, I aim to demonstrate how this medium has been used practically by the students of three different universities (Özyeğin, Bilgi and Şehir) in Turkey. In addition to “Instadoclab”, I will show digital storytelling projects from my virtual & physical hands-on studio classes and workshops which mostly focus on United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals as we have collaborated with Climate Centre at Boğaziçi University and Rare Diseases Unit of Faculty of Medicine at İstanbul University so far.

Zeynep Merve Uygun is a documentary filmmaker and scholar. Currently, she is an assistant professor in the Department of Communication and Design at the Faculty of Architecture and Design of Özyeğin University in Turkey. Her research interests include new media documentaries (interactive documentary, digital storytelling, web documentaries), storification and visualisation of data, and visual representation of body and space in documentary film.