Listen: Storifying the important

October 1, 2022 from 1:00 pm to 1:45 pm

This workshop is primarily designed to draw attention to some of the major obstacles that applies to the communicators of “important but traiditionally boring stuff” and what we learned along the way on how to hack them.

The world is a hot mess and the trust towards mainstream media is at historic lows. An ordinary person can not keep up with the amount of information that is available today. In the race for attention & clicks, media is shoveling more and more information to the audiences bundled in a too sensational, shocking, depressing and alarming clickbait titles, which leaves them more confused and pushes them further away.

This problem has been exacerbated in the populist authoritarian regimes where mainstream media is overwhelmingly subjugated to the government (cronies) whose main purpose in reporting has become to twist reality, fuel polarization, and divert attention.

A sensible and rational public debate is lost in between. In our age, audiences are used to information finding them. If good information does not (which is often the case) bad and shallow information will. Traditionally, the academia/civil society/think- tanks are known to be knowledge creators, and the media as the knowledge disseminator. However, those knowledge creators fail to reach large audiences as they don’t know how to communicate that information beyond their traditional audiences.

For two years, at Digimar Institute along with it’s studio and content initiatives, we’re trying to reach a fine balance between good information and good delivery including the medium, messaging, tone and every other element that customizes the relationship with your audience. We understand that what we sell (ideas) has a specific nature on its own and particular challenges in this day and age of distraction.